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My trip to Daylilies By The Pond :)

13 years ago

On my day off of work today, I took a trip to Norwalk to see Sara and her daylilies. I've been there twice before to see her hostas in the springtime, but didn't get around last year to see her daylilies in bloom. I made certain I would this year, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. She lives only 30 miles away, so the trip wasn't long at all, only 40 minutes driving time. Boy, when I pulled into her driveway, I was amazed at all the beautiful blooms awaiting me. I grabbed my camera and met Sara while she picked the mushies off from her lovely lilies. For four hours, she guided me around her gardens, giving me a wealth of information about her plants and shared stories with me. I even got to see some of her lovely seedlings in bloom, but didn't get any pictures of them. I did take several of the daylilies and some landscape photos. In the spring, it was hostas, but the daylilies and her bulb lilies were the stars this time around. Here are some of the photos I took.

These were taken up near the house, which sits on a hill looking down toward the pond, which is surrounded with daylilies, iris and bulb lilies, and a few hostas.

Looking toward her neighbors house...lucky people!

A bed at one corner of her house...these photos just don't do justice to the beauty that surrounded me.

And some photos of a few of her daylilies...

Clump of Blueberry Breakfast

Rosy Rhino

Spiny Sea Urchin

Crown Of Creation

Doyle Pierce

Water Dragon

Hawaiian Swirls

This is only a few of the pictures I took, and I didn't take nearly as many as I should have. When I went home and looked at my gardens, they looked puny compared to hers, but I only just started collecting last year. She's years ahead of! Someday, I hope to have a sea of daylilies like Sara has, but I'll need a bigger yard with fewer silver maples. I look forward to visiting many more times in the future, and buying more of her lovely plants.


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