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Baking type poppy seeds, anyone ever plant em?

15 years ago

I threw a handfull of these seeds out in an area of the yard a few days ago. I wonder what kind of plants/flowers these will produce. Will they be showy or mostly drab and ugly and grown only for the seeds? If they turn out pretty, we now know how to get a bunch of seeds for next to nothing.

Same goes for Sunflowers. I know yrs ago I would pay for sunflower seeds. NOW, I let the oily sunflower seeds germinate from the feeders and end up with nice healthy sunflower plants. I can get 25 lbs of sunflower seeds for just a little more than I was paying for a few ounces.

I may try some sesame too.

One year I tried to grow some canned stewed tomato seeds and had very poor germination result due to the stewing process.

If I could germinate a steak bone I would do that too.

Anyone else ever grow things from the kitchen?

How about cinnamon, anyone grow it here? Are there seeds for cinnamon?


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