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Fire ants and chiggers - non-toxic controls?

15 years ago

Anyone know of a non-toxic way to wipe out or at least control fire ants? I am trying to start gardening organically in a place in Florida and I keep getting into the fire ants - OUCH! I have about an acre in a semi-rural area in zone 9a. I have cats and don't want them to be licking Amdro off of themselves and am also trying to attract birds and critters.

I also seem to have a yard full of chiggers - damn you guys have to put up with a lot of biting things here! This last summer my legs were always covered with welts from fire ants, chiggers, mosquitos, yellow flies, biting gnats and who knows what else. Deet bothers me and the other things seem to sweat off too quickly.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

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