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What are you reading lately?

16 years ago

In the past couple months I've read some great books. What have you read lately and did you like it?

Kate's Summer 2007 Reading List:

(in no particular order)

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) [Loved it1 Ooooh, scary!]

Jim Morrison by Stephen Davis [fascinating, but tragic - really took me back to the music of the times and the loss of some of our most creative musicians]

The Book of Air and Shadow by Michael Gruber [very good and fun - a modern day Shakespeare-related mystery]

American Gods by Neil Gaiman (not a book about religion) [if you are a Neil Gaiman fan, you'll love it]

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (still working on this one)

Awakening the Buddhist Heart by Lama Surya Das (still working on this one too)

Travels in Alaska by John Muir (yup, that John Muir) [too much detail but quite the serious travelogue - and his love of the wilderness shines through it all]

The new/last Harry Potter, of course! [loved it!]

Cross by James Patterson [if you know and like the character then this is a good, quick read. Not a good choice for a 1st Patterson book though.]

Currently reading: The Ruins by Scott Smith [scary botanical thriller!]

Currently listening to: Welcome, Chaos by Kate Wilhelm (

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