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Getting out of a 'Funk'/Getting rid of distractions

17 years ago

Not depressed or anything, but just seem to "waste" away the weekends. We're still unpacking and we're almost there. But it seems never ending. I will get up and have intentions on getting started on something and do good for awhile only to have my inspiration dissappear.

The one good thing is we don't have cable tv anymore so I've rarely been watching it. The been surfing garden stuff a lot. We were going to go to Fairchild today but the rain dampened that plan and then with the rain again we didn't do much in the yard. I felt so overwhelmed when I went out to do a few things.

Anyway, excuse the blahness...any hints on beating the distractions...or finding time/making time to do the things you want? I'm a hobby collector...I collect hobbies. LOL, I want to do everything but I know I just can't. So, I'm trying to let myself not do something. I want to learn to sew more than a pillow. Rather, make some nifty pillows for the futon and bed. I want to make a purse. But half of me is like, just go buy one!

Anyway, just rambling. Figure I'd liven up the conversations page a bit.

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