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Help with new Weeping Norway Spruce

10 years ago

Hi Everyone! Two weeks ago I purchased a Weeping Norway Spruce that was on clearance at a local big box store. The tree looked great, and I briefly hesitated planting it in this heat, but the price was too good to pass up. There was zero yellowing/browning that I found when the tree was purchased.

It's been in the ground for almost a week, and I am seeing a lot of browning on limbs/needles that are touching the mulch, as well as some needle browning on the crowning tip. It was planted in a hole roughly twice the width of the pot it came in, and almost as deep as the original pot. We filled it with a a composted manure (.05 .05 .05) and some of the original clay that was in the hole. We watered it the first day, and it has rained every day since. It is planted on the east side of the house here in zone 7 (Raleigh, NC) and gets sun until about 4:00pm.

I've attached some pictures, can anyone help me? I would hate to lose this pretty tree and I have zero experience with conifers. Thanks!

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