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Potted Van Speybrock Spruce

I bought a Picea orientalis 'Van Speybrock' Oriental Spruce late this winter. It arrived healthy and I kept it dormant and up-potted from the 1 gallon to a 10 gallin pot in late March. The soil mix I used was about 1/3 Promix potting soil, 1/3 pine fines, 1/3 perlite. It started in a position that get good morning sun but is shaded by mid-afternoon. I have moved it slowly out in a sunny area but still gets late afternoon shade. It has not been very warm here until this week but also has not been below freezing. It has been moderate rainfall and the pot has not dried out completely. I watch it closely using the two digit finger test. It is definitely stressed with needles turning brown and dropping. It has pretty much steadily worsen since potting. I have not yet fertilized it at all. Picture attached.

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