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Suggestions for evergreen hedge?

last month

Husband is suggesting skip laurel and while I’m not totally against that, I do wonder if something a little bit prettier could be had? Maybe a row of some kind of blue juniper? I seem to remember somebody here telling me the blue junipers can be tricky some years back, and after my recent devastating experience with needlecast on my Colorado blue spruce, I don’t want to take any chances without clearing it with the experts here ;-)

Open to any suggestions (that aren’t insanely expensive)… I’m pricing starters of both options I have mentioned above at around $70 apiece and per my measurements, leaving about 6 feet in between, I will need seven. I’m looking to provide a hedge of sorts between our pool and the rest of the world/neighborhood. Nothing that’s going to drop leaves that we have to vacuum out of said pool and nothing we will have to chop down in 10 years because it’s drastically outgrown it’s since. Seasonal trimming is fine.

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