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Needing some design help from all you conifer junkies:)

12 years ago

Okay, the fever has come back to me now that I have some time again after doing an almost 3 year house remodel. I have had to replace some conifers that I hated to get rid of but they had just out grown their spots and there was nothing else to be done. Anyway, I solved one dilemma thanks to Don at Porterhowse Farms but was wanting some help from all of you experts out there. I don't live in the west where all that great growing weather is so I have to create microclimates to make it possible for many of my plants to live. When you live in a semi desert area it makes it tough, especially like last summer when we broke 100 for many weeks straight. Anything that lived through that will make it. I was wanting some help from all of you that are familiar with most of the wonderful conifers that are out there and how they have fared in hot weather. I will be contacting Don again after I decide but did not want to waste his time before I had some decisions made. I have many conifers now and need some more to fill in some empty spaces. I have had good luck with picea abies, pungens, and orientalis; all pinus. I have a cedrus deodara that is doing great, some taxus varieties and some chamaecyparis pisifera that have done well. I have not had as good of luck with the obtusa but have one plant over 10 years that looks great. I have a Picea bicolor 'Howell's Dwarf'for over 10 years and all thuja does well.

Here is what I would like for you to do, help me design a little garden with some plants that will do the best on the west side of my house. It will be a 7' deep and 10' wide area up against my house, so the house will keep some plants away from the one side. This area will not have any microclimates other than our good old western Kansas one. There are some trees around that may help a little but not much. I know this is crazy but my head starts spinning and size of plants and shapes start becoming a blur. If anyone would be willing to help I would greatly appreciate it.:)

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