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OT: Things for SS box orders LONG ago

15 years ago

Ok I finally traced back to when I ordered something for my SS buddy. Now I am really upset. But it shows you how time flies. It was already the 17 October and has not come yet. Best part is I do not remember where I ordered it from. I only found the paypal comfirmation mail. grrrrr...Ok I remember my own words now...NO STRESS::.sending LOVE to that company hahahahahaha

Man I sure hope that what I ordered does not turn out to be something like the trees I ordered from Arbor foundation shortly after spring shipping was over for my zone and they said they would send it for fall planting. Guess what I have not planted yet because it has not arrived. WHEN is FALL again hahahahaha

I hate chasing after stuff like that and tend to put it out of my mind. But for my SS buddy I got to go and find out what's up. At least then I can put a *gift certificate* in for when ever it comes it will go to that *person* hi hi not giving away the gender roflmao

Sorry but I did need to post this so whenever my SS buddy gets her box , it will be clear why that was one reason I was so late sending it out.


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