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Sawing apart root bulb of potted Brugmansia?

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Re: Potted brugmansia in Toronto, Canada, zone 5

Case 1) First three pictures show a brug that I received

several years ago. When trying to re-pot and divide recently, I discovered that all the stems seem to grow from one big root ball ! Or at least the roots are so intertwined that all seems to be one big chunk. Would I be able to saw apart at least the left two trunks from the rest and re-pot these two in a different pot, thereby giving all trunks more room, and have lighter pots to move around. Would they then still bloom this year? Or am I risking losing their flowering ability for this year? Would it be safer to decapitate them in the fall after blooming?

Case 2) Last two pictures show one of the the re-rooted top parts from the plant above. Can I still re-shape it by shortening the 3 wide arms and still have a good chance of it blooming this season ? Or should I just leave it till fall ?

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