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OT Some Things Never Change

6 years ago

I am reading Full Marks for Trying by Brigid Keenan who describes her upbringing in India where her Anglo/Irish family had served the Raj for five generations. Born in 1939 she was old enough to remember the time of Indian 'partition' when the British left the country after dividing it up along religious grounds with Muslims largely moving to what became Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs moving in the other direction; meant to be the lesser of any of the other 'evils' available. Her father, as an acting General with woefully small forces had to oversee much of this huge displacement of peoples. Recently she found letters written by him describing the horrors he witnessed as the various religious groups murdered, raped and violated those they passed on their journeys East or West. It is believed millions of people lost their lives at this time.

These terrible massacres are a reminder of what is still taking place in the so-called 'Name of Religion' most recently here in the UK.

My daughter, phoned to say she had been visiting London at the w/end to attend a concert quite near the incident. They were OK but had to find alternative transport out of the area. She now lives in Manchester very near to the Mosque where that bomber had so-called worshipped. She was also living in London at the time of the 7/7 attacks and although safe had to walk back from her office to home, about five and a half miles; luckily she was wearing her 'flatties' that day. She has been safe and, to me, amazingly 'laid-back' about it but we all know more attacks are very possible (the police have thwarted many so far) Unfortunately various politicians are trying to score points from these terrible happenings ahead of yet another General Election.

I'm not looking to get particular religious/political feed-back as RP doesn't descend so low but wondering if anyone has read anything interesting or pertinent about this on-going problem?

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