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Big Thing I've Learned This Growing Season...What's Your's?

16 years ago

I've learned that Spring & Summer Sowing in advance for certain plants that need warmer temps to germinate may be a good way to go for me. It saves me from having to fight damp off and failures in hardening plants off.

I Spring and Summer sowed Torenia, Bay Laurel, and Gardenia and all of them are now indoors and doing great. The Torenia, I put it in the ground, but dug it up because it was taking a long time to bloom, but it's indoors and blooming now, so I'm going to nurse it over the winter for next growing season, along with the other two.

It's a lot easier for me to deal with keeping a larger seedling/plant healthy, than trying to save tiny seedlings.

Outdoors just seems to be the ideal place for me to start seeds (they get heat, air circulation, and water-- and less interference from me).

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