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HAVE: a few common/semi-common tree and shrub seeds for trade

15 years ago

I'm not sure how much interest there is in trading tree and shrub seeds, but since there isn't a Tree and/or Shrub Exchange Forum (which I sure wished there was), I thought I'd post this here and see what kind of response I got.

I have the following tree and shrub seeds I would like to exchange for something at least slightly uncommon. In exchange, I would like something that would be hardy in my area (at least to zone 6b/7a), not highly invasive, and not prone to lots of disease and insect problems. I'd like to trade with someone inside the US. Seeds will be cleaned, properly identified, and packed to survive shipping without damage. I'd like to send at least three types and trade for at least two or three types to justify postage costs. I would consider a single type if it was uncommon.

Cryptomeria japonica (Japanese Cedar)___have lots

Fagus grandifolia (American Beech)___have small amount (were float tested)

Juglans nigra (Black Walnut)___have and can get lots (will be shipped uncleaned)

Poncirus trifoliata (Hardy Orange)___have

Pseudocydonia sinensis (Chinese Quince)___have lots

Quercus macrocarpa (Burr Oak)(could be hybrid)___have small amount (were float tested)

Have some other types of seeds listed on my exchange page.

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