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Which Teas thrive in zone 7 and colder zones?

14 years ago

in gardens?

I happened to notice that both Hortico in Canada and Peter Beales in Norfolk England, sell between them, dozens of Old Garden Tea cultivars*

I spoke with the owner of a rose nursery in Petaluma and he said that his Tea roses thrived despite experiencing 3 days of frost where the temperatures stayed at 28 degrees F., which is below freezing.

Are the Tea roses that were crossbred from a Bourbon X Tea rose more cold tolerant? These are said to include

'Mme. Antoine Mari'

'Anna Olivier'

and two climbers

'Sombreuil' the climber formerly known as Colonial White.

'Adam' which I love for its yellow-peach-salmon hues (hortico sells this and occasionally other Tea roses as Hybrid Teas)

Cultivation: weather employees report that it is important to put a plant on a southern exposure if one is pushing a climate zone and an Old Rose nursery owner mentioned it is important to protect Tea roses from the wind, especially in a cooler climate. any other tips?


The number of Tea roses that Peter Beales nursery in Norfolk , England has increased by dozens in the last couple of years and includes these now;

Bon Silene

Catherine Mermet

Clementine Carbonieri

Dr. Grill

Duchess de Brabant

Etoille de LYon

General Gallieni

Rosette Delizy


Souvenir de Elise Vardon

Mrs. Foley Hobbbs

Maman Cochet

Marie Van Houtte

Mme. Bravy

Mme. Antoine Mari

Mme. Berkeley

Mme. Charles

Mme. Lombard.

and others.


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