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Hoag House Cream and Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux

I'm driving myself crazy trying to find places for my six new bands. I'm sure people have made life or death decisions in a much shorter period of time than it's taking me to decide where to put these roses, and without changing their minds nearly as often.

It might expedite the process if I could gain an idea of how large the roses listed above might be expected to grow in an inland so. CA garden.

I'm finding myself much more reluctant to kick established roses to the curb than formerly, and have now decided to keep Souvenir d'un Ami, even though it's been a much less than satisfactory rose. I'm sooo tired of looking at young, puny bands in the ground and waiting forever for them to grow to a respectable size. I've been agreeably surprised by Mlle. Sombreuil which has shot up to a very respectable size since this March, and which I'll allow to bloom next spring. I've been a little disappointed by the blooms that I've allowed to develop (two), but the leaves are beautiful and healthy. I expect flower quality may improve with age.


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