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frustrating watermelon . . .

12 years ago

I'm trying to grow watermelon (specifically, Stone Mountain watermelon) for the first time this year. I've followed all the instructions I can find (sandy soil mixed with compost, etc etc) and I have huge vines -- probably about 8-10 feet each. They've been growing from seed since April 20th or so.

The problem is that I've found maybe 4 female buds so far, and none have taken, even with my hand-pollinating them. I must have hundreds of male flowers.

Normally I'd just let it run its course for the season and call it a learning experience, but this morning I had a run in with a snake hiding in the vines. I didn't get a good enough look at it to identify it, but the identification "snake" was sufficient for me to want to pull them all up.

So, watcha think? Does my watermelon situation sound hopeless? My question (lots of males, few females) is a common internet gardening question, but the answer seem to be "just wait, the females will come." I've been waiting for about two months now. Has anyone else had this problem for such an extended period of time?


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