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Help me to choose: the right Tea for a new pergola

16 years ago

Hi guys, I need some advice and help from you!

I'm going to built a new, little pergola (2,5 x 4 m - 8' x 14'), in the rear of my "water pools" garden.

Here's a picture of the area,


The pergola will be in the background, in the rear of the decking area, at the back of the seats.

The colour scheme is complex, in shades of apricot, peach, cream, white-blush, with gray and purple foliage accents. So, I need a Tea that can blend well with other Roses here, which are: 'Solfatare', 'Mme Falcot', 'Mlle Franziska Krueger', 'Odorata' (Spice), 'Safrano', 'Mme Lombard....

This is my selection: 'Reve d'Or', 'Maréchal Niel', 'Souvenir de Mme Léonie Viennot'. I know them, but I've never seen growing in my climate condition, so I would appreciate some help from the "hotter" gardeners :o)in the Forum!

I'm in real trouble especially with colour, so changeable in Teas, because I really like 'Maréchal Niel', but maybe she's too "yellow", as also 'Reve d'Or'. 'Souvenir de Mme Lèontine Viennot' has a gorgeous spring flush, but... a paler color will be better, for a Rose that will reflect in the water.... and, how about reflowering?

A nodding flower habit is a plus, I would like to plant here 'Belle Blanche', but it's a once flowering, very big Gigantea Hybrid!

... any other suggestions-ideas?




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