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2 exceptionally fragrant American roses we never hear about

14 years ago

In my constant search for ultra fragrant roses, I last week had the pleasure of being swept of my feet by 2 American roses growing in a private rose garden in Salt lake City, UT Zone 6b (According to the owner Bob Bauer).

Both were atypical hybrid teas, that looked like some of the Meilland Romantica roses.

'Sweet Surrender': A pink HT with an unsual almost plate like shape when fully opened: I do not think that many other pink HTs are so exceptionally fragrant. It is just as fragrant as f.ex. The Mcartney Rose and Frederic Mistral the 2 ultra fragrant meilland roses. The scent was truly amazing! So strong and sweet! It does have Tiffany in it´s parentage, but to my nose it was much more fragrant. Rosebush was 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

'The 777 rose' - named to celebrate Boing 777. A very dark red/purple Hybrid tea or Grandiflora? Stood out from a distance, I was actually wondering which of the Red Austin roses I was looking at. Was very surprised to se that it was a quite rare American HT. Very, very fragrant, with wonderful spicy and clove notes. Flowers looking like some of the 'red Austin roses' and not like the Highcentered HTs. A gem of a rose I have never heard of or seen before. 5-6 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Both roses are definetely going to get a place in my garden. I have smelled thousands of roses, but these were truly memorable.

Other roses that impressed me was the HT 'Mirandy', Mel Hulse's Hybrid musk 'Lupe's button', The red HT 'Veterans Honor', Moores miniature 'Renny' and 'the Dahlia Rose'. 'Melody Perfumee' and 'Flirtatious'. Carruths 'Ebb Tide' and 'Midnight Blue' the later having a strong spicy clove, cinnamon scent like no other rose I have ever smelled and that gorgeus colour! I was so impressed - almost overwhelmed by the size of the rosebushes! Especially the Austins - monsters! What a difference the higher sunintensity makes compared to here in Northen Europe where I live.I was very impressed with Tamora and The Prince. Both were smaller Austins and very fragrant. Tamoras very strong myrrh scent and the Prince's Old rose scent with a strong citrus note I have never smelled before. I also saw 2 floribunda roses in other gardens, a very floriferous mauve rose and a pink rose. Both where very fragrant and I do not know their names. But they really stood out with the amount of flowers and the wafting scent. I will post pictures of these later and hope that some will be able to identify them. I sure would like to grow these too.

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