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2 new red Tantau roses introduced:

16 years ago

I just want to bring these 2 new Tantau roses to your attention that has been released this year( and yes I have ordered some of them ...will come later this month!!). Both roses have a nostalgic flower shape, but only have a mild rose fragrance:

Ascot is a compact bushy little rose (only 2-3 feet tall) with incredible beautiful wine red/ purplish red deep cup-shaped flowers:


Piano is a bit taller rose (3-4 feet) with big fat bright red cabbage shaped flowers (Like Eden Rose) with a swirl of inner petals forming a rossette:


I really look forward growing these rose and see how they will perform here.

I am amazed at the disease resistance of Tantau roses. On rose fields they are easy to recognize. Lots of reddish new growth and thick glossy leaflets with no disease what so ever:

Tantau Nostalgie Ht - Roses on rose field:


Big arrangement of Nostalgie Ht roses (it does look a bit like Double Delight (A bit more perfect two toned) and to my nose it has a really strong good scent. You either like the bright two toned HT roses or you don´t. This was the first I have ever liked and wanted to grow. People are ecstatic and rave about the good disease resistance and how hardy and easy to grow this rose is (Here and In Germany):


I will also soon make a post about a new Ht rose from Meilland that is taking Europe by storm. It is even better than Frederic Mistral, much lighter in colour and does not spot in the rain and has the same very strong fragrance that will blow people away. I do not know if you are interested in seeing and hearing about the new releases from Europe, since I know it will take a few years before they become available in US. I know many have liked my posts and pictures of the new Austins I have posted.

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