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Pot Ghetto care questions

16 years ago


1) Is chlorosis common in pot ghetto plants? A few plants are showing light colored leaves, despite a regular feeding routine.

2) How often do you feed your pot ghetto plants that are growing up? I am aiming for once a week with a shot of water soluble fertilizer at half dose. They are getting Neptune's Harvest once and a while, also - maybe every couple weeks when I have the Syponject feeder out.

3) Is water soluble fertilizer a complete optimal solution, or will the plants do better with some added goodies like worm castings or .... ?

4) Does disbudding make the plant stop growing for a short while? I have been disbudding thinking the plant would just keep growing instead of blooming, but instead it seems like the plant stops growing for a while. Would a bump of fertilizer after disbudding get the plant back into a growth cycle faster?



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