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A new pot ghetto!

16 years ago

I just started building a highrise pot ghetto today. $400 worth of pressure treated lumber was delivered this morning. It'll be 16' long, 4' deep and 5' high, with shelves at varying heights, covered with 1/2" hardware fabric. The whole thing will be covered with 1" chicken wire, to keep the tree rats out of my pots. It'll be covered with 6-mil clear poly in winter, and plumbed with a low-pressure drip/sprinkler/mister system to handle the watering.

I have any where from 200 to 500 potted plants at a time, and I need to get them out of my garden paths, and into a protected environment, with good irrigation. I ordered enough lumber to tack a 6' potting bench onto the end of it.

You can keep potted plants watered pretty efficiently with the right drip irrigation stuff. Home Depot sells 100' of quarter-inch drip tube with 1/2-gallon per hour emitters every 6" for about $15. Another $5 gets you all the fittings you need to set it up for connection to a garden hose, and if you make clips from coat-hanger wire, you can arrange it to have an emitter directly over 100' of pots. It's not pretty, but it's a good and cheap way to water lotsa pots with very little effort.

I'll have sections of it set up for seed trays, rooting trays and such.

It's going on the boardwalk, so I can work by the water, and it'll be interesting to see if it attracts the attention of the Zoning Police. I've notified my lawyer, and I'm building it so it can be easily taken apart with a cordless screwdriver.

Pics will follow, when there's something to show. It's just a pile of lumber now.

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