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Do you see problems with this pot ghetto plan?

15 years ago

In consideration of how to make my pot ghetto look neater, I've come up with a few ideas. I'm thinking about a corral with a plastic lid like one Don posted last season. It would look similar to a cold frame, but have holes in the top and then containers inside instead of just dirt. Snow will be able to come in. Ventilation will be able to be adjusted.

Since DH is motivated to get rid of the ghetto, he gets to build the replacement. Before I send him to the hardware store, I need a few questions answered.

1) Do sprouted and unsprouted containers need to have different amounts of ventilation?

2) If I use one large piece of plastic to cover many containers, will damping off spread easily?

3) Anyone see any major flaws with this plan?

Thank you,

Squirrel Girl

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