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Pot Ghetto Gone and more daylily ramblings.

13 years ago

At least the ones that had daylilies, as I just planted them today. It really wasn't that much. Just five daylilies that I had potted up earlier in the summer as I knew the area that I planned to plant them in was not ready. I do still have two roses to plant and hopefully I get them done soon and the pot ghetto is completely gone.

I never heard the term pot ghetto until I started hanging out on the rose forum. Everyone on the rose forums seems to have roses in pots that they have not gotten around to planting, sometimes for years. Therefore the term pot ghetto. Just like on the roses forum no one digs up a rose that they no longer want, it is always referred to as shovel prunned or shovel prunning.

I am done with the daylilies except for mulching, at least for this year. I decided it is getting late in the year for moving things and I would rather do the last few moving projects in the spring. The plateau is done so at least I am in good shape there.

I can usuially start moving daylilies in the spring as soon as I see about two inches of new growth. Would be mid-late March. That way I get the moving projects done before the spring purchases come in to plant which usuially starts mid late April.

I can not buy much as I am out of room. You would think that since I took just about everything out of the plateau in the back yard and planted those in mostly new areas that I would have lots of room for new daylilies. After all, I posted pictures of the just about empty plateau before I started refilling it. So okay, its full but that should mean there are other areas of the garden were I took the daylilies from that are now empty to plant new stuff, right? Wrong :-((

I did buy some new this fall and that took up some of the space. Then I had to take out daylilies from the terraces garden as I had to many in there and re-arrange some. It looks great now but I can only put one or two more in. Then I lost space for daylilies from the quarter pie garden when I took space for the iris row. Had to fit those tall bearded iris in somewhere and that arrangement does look good. Plus I also had to take some out of the snapdragon garden both to allow for access to get to the middle and it fit those potted ones that I had to plant.

Lastly, I took out part of the third row out in the front yard planterbox, about 7 daylilies I think, and those went up on the plateau also plus some from in back of the garage. I had to do something about the front yard planterbox as I could see that three complete rows as I had will not work for the future. Not enough room in the accress path when the daylilies get larger. So I am redoing that in front of curved wall part but only got one section cleared out.

So all these things went to fill up the redone plateau while not leaving new plating space for more daylilies. I am going to have to order onlly a very few daylilies for spring planting until I can figgure out what to do next.

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