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Question re: stunted oriental /Orienpet lilies

15 years ago

It seems that when I post to the lily forum I don't get that many responses...don't know if people are on vacation or what. So I asked the Upstate NY forum and their response was that we may have had not enough rain this spring, but I'm not convinced that this is the real I'll ask you as well:

Why would about half of my oriental, orienpet & speciosum rubrum lilies be about 1/3 their normal size, some with just leaves and no bloom/bud part developed (I can't even think of what you call the whole closed bloom/bud)

I even have some spots (all in raised beds) where nothing came back from last year at all. Just bare spots in the garden. I fertilized them, they were all sprayed with Ropel BEFORE planting (to keep rodents from chewing). They were GORGEOUS last summer. The weather has been very weird this year, then hot, then cool...not a typical summer.

I'm not sure about the rain factor...they said we had 2 inches LESS than normal this past spring. I didn't water them as much as I do my (75) roses because I didn't want bulb rot. Maybe I should have?

They all came from reputable sources (John Scheepers, The Lily Garden). Thanks for any help. :0) Phyl

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