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This deer deterrent would work, but it may not exist

laceyvail 6A, WV
2 months ago

And since I'm not very mechanically/technologically minded, it may even not be possible. But I'd like to put something on a small post that, like the wire of an electrical fence, could be baited with peanut butter and would give deer a shock. I'd place it in one leg of my L-shaped ornamental bed--easy reach to the outside electrical outlet and then move it to the other leg.

I know this kind of thing works. For many, many years I baited the electric fence around my veggie garden when I saw deer sign in the yard. When deer have a bad/scary experience in an area, they avoid it for some time--and they spread the word.

I know it would work in theory, but is it possible to do it in just one spot rather than a closed circuit fence? And does anyone know if such a thing is sold. I sure don't have the skill to make one.

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