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Hellebore question and opinions

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i apologize for abominable formatting. I edited twice to eliminate the extra spaces but it did not work. Editing capacity limited! the finer points of posting photos to houzz elude me? OT is there a way to post photos in a row across or side by side.?

q we had a mild damp winter and my hellebores had more than usual undamaged leaves that wintered over. should they be removed with the damaged ones any way.? Are they photosynthesizing and contributing to the plants growth? if they arent doing any good and will deteriorate later ill clip them off now because i dont want to re-vist them.

next i have several hellebore Pink Frost and i think Ivory Prince and i dont like them nearly as much as-if i remember correctly- named hybrid selections from Pine Knot Farms. If these are indeed Pink Frost i find them short, stumpy and awkward looking. ( 3rd photo down )They only show up in the photo because it is bare cultivated ground in the perennial bed. i only took off the damaged foliage foliage which left them with no foliage at all. Directly below is a 2 in 1 clump in more shade,old foliage present

naked Pink Frost in exposed area . where are the leaves.?

Ivory prince i think. less exposed area

Rhubarb and custard hybrid. So graceful

Noid no foliage but graceful height

Before i move the pink stumpies from their too visible site how do you use them effectively. ?

please use this post as an opportunity to sing praises of the hellebores you love and comment on the ones you dont like. how do you use them in your garden?

please share photos

in closing here are several i love from a distance and up close lying on my stomach

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