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How to keep roses in growers pots for a while...

16 years ago

The planting area for the new roses I've purchased is not going to be ready for another couple of weeks. I've got 6 roses that I bought in April (hybrid musks & 1 rambler) that I've been keeping in their pots, 1 that I bought 2 weeks ago in May (shrub - Julia Child, and I've got 7 more on the way (Uncommon Rose & Ashdown; gallicas & bourbons). I've been watering them daily and have given them a boost of Rose Tone.

How can I be sure that I keep them healthy until I can get them in the ground? The ones I have now are by my driveway where they get morning sun & afternoon shade. I'm in Virginia, where the temps have been both hot & cold lately & are due to get really hot (90's).


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