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newb rose grower: how early to detect problems in David Austin roses?

I started out last year with a discounted three-dollar hibiscus plant that I still have and am very much attached to, so of course this year it seemed perfectly reasonable to step up to roses, and not just any ones, but pricey English David Austin roses, five of them, potted in a small, south-facing backyard in Houston, TX (Zone 9a, I believe). I've gotten so much good advice lurking on this forum, but being a helicopter mom as well as a newb, I worry about how they're coming along. My question mostly has to do with early growth.

So I have Jude the Obscure, Munstead Wood, Brother Cadfael, Lady of Shallott, and Lady Emma Hamilton in big 20-in plastic containers. They're all bare-root and grafted on Dr. Huey rootstock. BC and LEH came in a later shipment and were planted about two weeks later, so we'll see how they come along, but the others got a mix of organic potting soil and Miracle Gro Moisture Control potting medium, perlite (enough to see in the mix; the pots seem like they drain pretty well), bloodmeal and bonemeal according to package directions (maybe a bit less than recommended), then a week and a half later, a little slow-release 60% potash (somewhat less than package directions), and less than half of the recommended dosage for Scott's Rose Food.

Of the three, LOS displays the most growth-- lots of shoots, some eight inches already, with their little thorns and leaves open. Jude and MW have leaves out too, but less so, and not as tall, and the leaves not spread out as much. In addition, Jude and MW appear to have a bit of leaf burn. That's when the edges of the leaves look singed, right? It's not that hot out yet in Houston and the light in the yard is mostly filtered during the brightest part of the day. I may have fed them a little more enthusiastically since LOS burst into growing right away and I initially thought the two others needed a push. I'm prepared to water them more in order to leach out the extra fertilizer if that is the case, but would that also address the shorter growth? Should I reconsider other factors like drainage and exposure to sunlight? Or do Jude and MW just grow slower than LOS? From what y'all have written, it seems like Jude can be more finicky and that MW stays pretty short even when mature, so I don't know if I did something wrong or if they're par for course at this point.

Thanks again for y'all being here. I really appreciate your posts and responses. Sorry for the lack of pictures, my phone is broken, but should have some soon!

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