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OT: Things aren't looking good for the Mid Atlantic

11 years ago

I might be kissing my backyard greenhouse goodbye in a couple days. I'm just hoping the weather service is sensationalizing what might happen with Sandy. We are looking at sustained winds of around 30 mph and gusts up to 60 with significant rainfall lasting at least 48 hours. They are calling this "The Perfect Storm". I don't see anything perfect about it! Temps aren't supposed to get too cold, 40's - 50's. That might be the only saving grace as long as my plants haven't been blown to He11. The GH has survived several storms with wind gusts above 60 mph but over the years the weather has taken it's toll and I kind of doubt it will be able to handle sustained high winds. DH is doing something out there to try and add additional security but it might be for naught. I considered moving plants into the garage but it's already pretty full. It's just a wait and see at this point.

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