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Healthy Modern Roses For The Mid-Atlantic?

14 years ago

I'm always, always searching for relatively healthy roses for my area. I know Knockout and it's kin are rather good but I see them EVERYWHERE. I aready have Darlows Enigma, which has been slow to establish.I also just got a cutting of Carefree Beauty, so we'll see how she does.

I've generally kept to old garden roses since many of the gallicas and other nonremonants are rather healthy, but being open to experiment and being a lover of kitchsy and retro things, I would love to know if there are any modern roses are relatively carefree in the Mid-Atlantic area and could possibly be grown no-spray. I am very ignorant of blackspot- as long as it bounces back from things I'm rather happy, even if that means a rose with only two flushes. I've heard mixed things about Buck roses.

Any ideas?



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