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B&S18.5 HP - Loss of Power

15 years ago

I have a 18.5HP B&S, engine model - 31P777, type 0348-E1, with automatic transmission. The tractor experience many backfires, even when slowly idled down. I had the valves adjusted by repair center, no more backfire, but very loud, and I still experience a loss of power. I have tried the following: 1) Replaced plug, 2) changed oil & oil filter, 3) changed fuel & fuel filter 4) changed air filter 5) cleaned, w/compressed air entire engine 6) no build up of grass in deck. Did the backfires damage the muffler - is this part of the problem? The loss of power occurs with a very light load (cutting grass at the highest setting). Only 32 hours on the engine. Suggestions?

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