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loss of power

14 years ago

I was out today trying to get my '71 Wheelhorse going again. It had stalled on me the other day. I bought a new plug (the old one was very black), and air cleaner. The oil is at the full mark, and it has good gas. It does burn oil (I check it every use). The issue is that it runs fine for about 5 minutes. After engaging the mower, it seems to work a bit harder, and eventually I end up driving it into the garage before it just quits. It will run better if I am out and I disengage the mower. All this in about 5-10 minutes. The motor is a Kohler (10 hp I think).

Here is an interesting point. It does not shut down as "smooth" as "normal." Never was great, though. Both times shutting it down, right at the end, it sputters, and I see a couple embers (for a lack of a better word) coming from the muffler, I think. I do not think it is grass, etc., as these were hard enough to bounce off the tire and on to the cement floor, still glowing for a second.

Is the poor motor finally giving up?


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