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Lasagna bed with new plants?

15 years ago

Ok, I just moved to a house with a yard (previously lived in an apartment) a couple months ago and was all excited to start a garden. I plotted out where I wanted beds and bought a ton of plants, mostly perennials and a few shrubs, a week ago when the nursery was having a 20% off sale. The plan was to rent a tiller and have my husband till in a bunch of compost bought from the city into the soil. Well, we got the tiller and it did next to nothing. Even with lots of work, it only tilled the top few inches of our clay soil. And this is after we had a good rain few days before! So, I'm now trying to figure out what to do with all my plants. I don't want to kill them!

Could I do lasagna beds now? All I have to work with is city compost and some grass clippings. I have some cardboard boxes that I could use too. Do I need peat moss? Everyone seems to say I should use it, but it's expensive. I need whatever I do to be fairly inexpensive as I'm near the limit on my garden budget.

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