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HELP! Cost comparison of large Irrigation System

11 years ago

Hello everyone--Thank you in advance for any help!

We are in Metro NY and have a fairly large property (about 1 acre of lawn/garden) and currently doing a major landscaping project. As I collect bids for irrigation, what do you think would be reasonable? (And, sorry DIYers, much as I'd like to go to Lowes, Home Depot, or the local garden shop and get down and dirty, this will be professionally installed.)

The landscape designer is recommending 10 zones, with 5-6 misting heads in about 6 of the zones, fewer heads and/or rotary heads in area where the primary flora will be grass. Most of the misting heads will be on 3 foot risers. The rotaries will pop up.

How much do you think something like that would cost (in NY)? I'm trying to get a sense as I try to level bids.

Thanks everyone!

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