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Best online tutorial for installing my irrigation system?

17 years ago

I just had a new irrigation system professionally designed for my yard. When I say professional, I mean from a reputable plumbing and irrigation supplier- not a big box store. We purchased all Rainbird products rather than a cheaper off-brand. The irrigation plan is designed off my landscape plan which zones plants for water use- we're cutting back the amount of grass we had by 1/2. Lots of drip irrigation.

I have had the yard graded, brought in 50 yards of topsoil, and just had the yard trenched based on the irrigation plan for the pipes. All parts for the sprinkler system have been delievered. And I have no idea where to start next!

I get that we run the pipes and attach the heads as shown etc. Where I am lost is that we HAD a sprinkler system previously (as deficient as it was) and so we HAVE the backflow preventer and stop and waste already installed. I don't know where to 'begin' my new system? Will it be after the stop & waste but before the valves? I'm confused. I have a good plan. I have all the parts. I have no instructions on what comes in between. The rainbird website is not nearly as good as I would have expected in terms of information. Anywhere else?

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