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Several question on a new sprinkler system

16 years ago

BACKGROUND: New well, free-flowing (most likely), better than 50 gpm, 1 1/2 hp sprinkler pump, 40 psi at discharge anticipated, 25+ gpm anticipated, about 40,000 ft2.

LOCATION: Florida, no freeze

GOAL: As maintenance-free as I can reasonably afford.

ELEVATION: Above ground sprinkler heads will be at 3' height. No other elevation. Draw down at the well is assumed to be nil.

Q1) I am going to use 2" PVC for lateral, buried underground 1' deep. The longest line is 200'. Someone recommended SDR 21. Should I use schedule 40 instead? SDR 21 is half the price ($4 vs. $8 for 10'). 1 psi loss.

Q2) In order to get 4 psi pressure drop across the solenoid valve, I need to use 1" valve, Rainbird PGA 1". 4 psi loss.

Q3) I am going to put a 60 micron filter (that HomeDepot sells, clear view type) after the pump. 2 psi loss.

Q4) 33 psi at the sprinkler head anticipated. Is this too low for gear drive rotor? Impact nozzle okay?

Please comment/critique each Q. Thanks.

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