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McCulloch Pro Mac 10-10 Chain Saw stopping problem

16 years ago

I have a Pro Mac 10-10 that is old but has always run when I needed to trim some trees or limbs. I bought it in 1979. Last year while cutting some trees it started sputtering and quit. After some minutes it would start again but sputter and quit. Since then I have cleaned the carb in carb cleaner solution. I have purchased a new ignition module (from company that bought all McCulloch parts when they went out of business) and installed a new plug. I have adjusted the carb per the owners manual I still have. I just cannot give it up. You need compression, ignition, and proper fuel mixture. What am I missing. It has been a great little saw and I want to fix it. I was thinking the spark plug might be defective and opens when the engine head gets a little warm. I have not pulled the engine completely down and looked at rings etc. I believe it is a Welbro carb (if that is the right name). Can any of you small engine experts help me. (I know the obvious answer is get a new saw!)

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