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Automatic timer stopped working

12 years ago

I have an automatic sprinkler (orbit easy-set 6-station outdoor timer with a cover) timer that controls 3 valves in my back yard that stopped working. It's 3 years old and I've never had a problem with it before. It won't work if I try using manual mode or timer mode but it is getting power because it's got a digital readout and that works. I got a new battery (it has a battery backup) and that didn't help. I looked at the fuse and that looks ok. When I turn the valves on by hand (turn the top of them) they all come on so it is an electrical problem. There is a "reset" button and I've already tried that too - before and after replacing the battery.

Does anyone have an idea on what else I should try?

When I read the manual it says if I reset the times a number should appear on the readout - that number does not appear (for the zones). I'm confused....

Thanks for any assistance.

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