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Flex-Able Hose, Pocket Hose, XHose

11 years ago

I'm starting a new thread on this product that was originally mentioned on the "hose reel" topic.
I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the excellent review of the person who originally mentioned this 'amazing shrinking/expanding hose' .

However, there are real shenanigans going on in the on-line reviews and sales. The names are used interchangably. When mail order purchasers /users wrote furious reviews on amazon about the hose blowing out (after one use, one month, two months) some one responded the "real " one is by Dap.and is sold only in bricks and mortar stores, and costs a bit more. This is what the original poster said.
However, googling :"Dap- Flex-Able hose" the first entry is a review by Consumer Reports which contradicts all the comments from amazon's angry concluded that the "pocket hose" was best, and that all three (named in this subject line) were good.
I'm curious about "Dap" manufacturer.
I also find it weird that the original manufacturer didn't have a patent and that "imitations" came on the market so fast, and seemed to usurped the internet reviews.

Think I'll go to the 'irrigation' forum and see if anyone used it there. And though I very rarely go to Target, I'm tempted to just to see the product. I don't think they can decline to replace a defective product, unless their guarantee is just the manufacturers guarantee.
I'm not usually so skeptical, but something is off here.

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