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Need to expand concrete pad for shed

Jamshed Mulla
8 years ago

I have an old pad in the backyard that the original homeowner must have poured for a shed or playhouse. There is nothing on it now, just the bare pad.

The pad is 6x8, and I want to build a 6x10 shed on it. Question: What is the best option for this:

1) Go all the way, pour 4 footings on each corner of the 6x2 extension, and pour a 4" pad on top of them. Use the slab as the floor. Seems like a bit of overkill.

2) Pour two footings and line up with the top of the existing slab. Frame a P/T floor over old slab with the 2' overhang supported by the new footings.

3) Use existing pad as is, but let floor frame overhang 1' on each side. Lay crushed rock under the two 1x6 overhangs. (Don't like this idea at all - the side walls would be on cantilevers.)

FYI - I live in mid-Atlantic region, not a particularly deep freeze zone.


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