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Is your 'Ann Folkard' still living?

Yes, I know there is a geranium forum.

I'm curious, for those of you who live in a similar zone as me (suppose it is really z6a with the new usda changes...) is your Geranium 'Ann Folkard' still living? Vigorous or not so much?

I bought one several years ago and planted it along the east side, where it is very sheltered. It rusted terribly (lack of sun), so I moved it to a more open site. It did okay the first year there, but the second it dwindled away to almost nothing by summer. There was a sprig left, so I moved it to the north side where it is warmer and sunny. Don't hold out much hope for it though.

Anyone else have such issues, or am I the only Ann killer? I'm stumped as to why it suddenly failed, as other perennial geraniums did okay in the same general area. Only thing I could think of was that hardiness may be an issue with this cultivar. Pictures I see of it online show an explosively vigorous plant, though they may be all in slightly warmer zones, I don't know.

TIA for sharing your personal findings of this plant...

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