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New House, New Garden: Starting research

8 years ago

I started growing roses in Michigan (brrr), moved to Texas where I never was able to have a garden (but grew a few in pots), and am now moving to Kirkland, WA where not only isn't it cold, but I will have real soil again!

So I'm starting my research back up. I have some old favorites, but given my radically different climate from Michigan I am pretty much going to start from scratch rather than just rebuy old friends. I'd love to play with roses I could have never grown back home.

I'm starting small, no more than five roses this first year as I get to know the yard and expand the garden space. There is currently an unknown rose on an arbor and an empty arbor, and room for a few bushes in existing beds.

I would love to hear suggestions of what has grown well for others in the area. I like:

1. Big messy bushes that do well in with perennials, I plant messy English gardens, not specimen gardens.
2. Fragrant (the smellier the better).
3. No spray (I don't spray but I also don't care if leaves spot, so long as the plant does not suffer to the point of lack of bloom or die back.)
4. Once blooming is fine if it is a great bloom and the shrub is attractive (those vase shaped sprays I love.)
5. Please suggest at least one climber for that empty arbor. Fairly low thorn is a plus as it is right on top of the patio.

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