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new house, new garden... new mystery plants :)

8 years ago

Hi all,

Just moved to CT and I have a few mystery plants here. These three are the ones that are keeping me up at night ;) These are in several locations

(A) This one almost looks like some sort of daisy to me but I also feel like it could possibly be just a weed.

(B) Looks like (sweet) potato vine but... is that possible in CT (zone 7A-ish)?

(C) Sorry for this one... not the greatest picture. There are crocuses growing in and amongst this but there is a huge blanket of this leafy looking plant. Its yet to bloom but with such a profound, almost purposeful, looking canvas of it I'm almost inclined to think its not a weed but... maybe I'm wrong.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, as always.

Thanks again!!!

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