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Which Roses Do You Love But Also Hate

12 years ago

I have a few roses that I have a love/hate affair with. You know, those roses that do well sometimes and are not so good the rest of the time. The ones that you want to remove and then decide to keep again. This back and forth with a particular rose can be emotionally draining.

Louise Odier: Beautiful blooms and what a lovely lilac-pink color. The fragrance superb. The problem is I get a good spring flush and not much else. There is some fall bloom, but through the summer, it's a plant with mildew. But seeing those blooms makes me love her. I don't know for how much longer though.

Duchesse de Brabant: Pretty, but I wanted fuller blooms. The photos of it show fuller blooms than the ones I keep getting. I love it, but where I put it, I wanted a more voluptuous rose. We'll see with time.

Harlow Carr: Nice color and the fragrance is decent, but it lacks the "wow" factor. I look at how it blooms like mad and think I should keep it, but I need more star power from a rose.

Pat Austin: These blooms have pretty colors and when it is in full flight, it is impressive. Come summer and the blooms are not so impressive. They become toasty and smallish. It seems that any temps above 80 degrees and it's blooms can't handle it.

So there you have it. Those are the roses giving me a quandry at the moment. Which roses are you loving, but yet hating?


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