Roses You Love To Hate (And Hate To Love)

SoFL Rose z10
8 years ago

HI All,
I have never been a fan of the Knock Out rose. I find its blooms so boring but everyone always raves about them and is always suggesting them for my climate so I caved in and got myself a double red one a few weeks ago. I just took a look at it this morning and DANG if it doesn't look fabulous. Its covered in blooms and is just so care free and bushy (no disease). I cant help but love it even though I love to hate it. It made me think of another rose that I hate to love. My Cherish rose is always full of black spot and always looks wimpy and spindly, but she keeps blooming! And her flowers last super long in the vase and they are just so perfect and pink. I always think of getting rid of her but then she has these moments when she blooms profusely and then soon after succumbs to black spot and goes almost bald! Then the cycle repeats itself. I hate that I love her so much because I'm so short on room in my garden, but I just cant part with her (we have a love-hate relationship).

So which roses do you love to hate and which do you hate to love?
Lets share!

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