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Rose suggestions for new EarthkindTM rose trial

16 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Steve George, initiator of the EarthkindTM program, is gathering information on healthy, hardy/low maintenance roses to trial in an upcoming EarthkindTM trial. He asked me for suggestions and I would love to get more feedback. These roses will first be trialed at a site in Texas and then the better performing ones elsewhere as well. The roses will be planted in replicated beds with 3" of compost, mulched, and watered the first year or so as they become established. There will be no pesticides used or fertilizer besides the initial compost and replenished mulch as it decomposes. More can be learned about the program at: The goal is to take rose cultivars that are gaining pretty good reputations for easy care typical of the home gardener and trialing them in a replicated manner across sites in this defined manner to recommend the best performers with data backing it up. A regional effort is building to identify roses that would do best in different regions.

I had the joy to partner with Dr. George at the U of MN begining this past year to begin a Northern Collection of 20 cultivars to trial here in the North. Here are the roses in that trial (they are also planted in Texas as well and it won't be necessary to include them in this new trial- some are also already Earthkind winners for the South). These 20 cultivars being tested in zones 3-5 are;

Alexander Mackenzie, Carefree Beauty, Frontenac, George Vancouver, John Cabot, John Davis, Morden Blush, Polar Joy, Prairie Joy, Sunrise Sunset, Quadra, Ramblin Red, Seafoam, William Baffin, Brite Eyes, Summerwind, Yellow Submarine, Sven, Lena, Ole

This new planting will for sure include the lastest in the Knockout Series. Here are some additional ones I was thinking of recommending. I would love to get your feedback and suggestions for additional roses- especially recommendations for those in the Drift Series or perhaps the landscape roses just being offered in the US from Kordes. I'll pass your comments along to Dr. George. Thank you!

Carefree Marvel, Carefree Celebration, Carefree Delight, Surrey (aka Sommerwind by Kordes), Oso Easy Strawberry Crush, Oso Easy Paprika, Oso Easy Peachy Cream, Oso Easy Fragrant Spreader, Island Dancer, Golden Eye, Carefree Sunshine, My Hero, Heritage, Home Run, Red Cascade, White Dawn, Astrid Lingren, Baby Love, Winnipeg Parks, Martha's Vinyard, Frau Dagmar Hartopp, Moje Hammarberg, Marie Bugnet, Macy's Pride, Robin Hood, Morning Magic, Winners Circle, Belle Poitevine

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