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OK, which one of you Yankees left the back gate open

15 years ago

and let all that cold air spill all the way down here? For the first time in a long time the low will be in the single digits early tomorrow morning with wind chills actually in the negative digits. I can only remember one other time that this has happened. The Great Freeze of '76-'77. That was the year that I first ever walked on a frozen lake. Magical, it were. My more adventurous friends got in a VW beetle and drove around on the ice. I was at college my first year, and that January the high temperature never got above freezing. All the weather people who thought they were in the know were predicting another ice age. The heating bills that were experienced in the north astonished me. Those heating bills were much higher that what I was paying in rent.

No matter about the frigid temps, this is the South and in a few days at most we will be back to our normal weather. The daffodils shoots are a couple of inches high.

I had forgotten that I still have one or two things on the bucket list. Want to go ice fishing and spend a weekend doing just that in an ice shack. And attend a winter carnival.

Why do weather events spark memories?

Time to bundle up, gots to go to work. I would rather hibernate these next few days.


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