apple vs cedar tree...any hope?

I'm absolutely crushed. I bought my parents 3 apple trees for Christmas and even put them out for them on Christmas day. They are planted about 20 yards from several cedar trees. I'm new to fruit trees and only after I had planted them and come back home (hours away) did I learn about the conflict with apple trees and cedar trees. I've done what reading I can on this site by searching old threads, but I've seen some people say they haven't had the problem in spite of having the trees close together. I used a link found on here to a site that listed the trees I planted- Fiji, as being "highly susesptable" to cedar rust. My question is I have any hope that those apples will ever produce, or should I just tell my dad to cut them down? If there is even a slight chance that they will make it, I want to try, but if you all tell me its almost 100% certain that they will not produce apples that close to cedar trees, I hate for my dad to have to mow around them and weed eat and so on for the next few years for nothing. Just a short sentence or two from some of you would be very very appreciated....cut them down or do they have even a tiny chance of being ok? Thanks all.

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