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Need serious help w/dying lawn, pic heavy

14 years ago

Hi everyone-I hope I can get some help here. We bought this house Feb 07' and moved in May 07'. The house has a sprinkler system but we could not get it to turn on when we moved in...we finally got it running but the grass turned pretty brown that year and we lost alot of it. Apparently the soil here is very sandy and this yard requires plenty of water. In the fall of of 07' my DH raked out the dead grass/broke his back leveling the front yard and reseeded. We were hopeful last summer but it didn't turn out so great and started to give up. Fast Forward to spring 09', we overseeded and fertilized with Scotts (April). We fertilized and about 5-6 weeks later with no improvement. We started to notice an abundance of weeks so put down Scotts plus, reapplied more scotts plus 2 weeks later (DH took fathers advice). As you can see the weeds are spreading and the grass is dying. there are no grubs..we looked. I can rake the dead grass out with my fingers its so bad. Im in Brick, NJ...had a ton of rain here pretty much all spring so I know that the grass does not have lack of water. Can someone please point us in the right direction..we can't afford to have this yard professionally sodded, it's just too big. What are we doing wrong and what is wrong with grass??

TIA--hope everone has a great 4th.


{{gwi:104880}}From Drop Box
{{gwi:104882}}From Drop Box

{{gwi:104883}}From Drop Box

{{gwi:104884}}From Drop Box


{{gwi:104885}}From Drop Box
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Arial view from second story window:

{{gwi:104889}}From Drop Box

{{gwi:104890}}From Drop Box
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